Introduction of culture,tourism in Hangzhou Zhejiang

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Option 2: Shanghai - Hangzhou

1、Hangzhou West Lake

West Lake is one of the top ten scenic areas in China, getting listed as a World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2011. It is famous for the romantic legends and intoxicating scenery.

2、Hangzhou Songcheng Scenic Area

Hangzhou Songcheng Scenic Area is located in the southwest of West Lake Scenic Area. It is a theme park demonstrating Song Dynasty Culture. Here you can visit antique markets and experience the folk customs of Song Dynasty.

3、Hangzhou Tea Culture

Hangzhou has a long history of tea production. The prosperity of Hangzhou city and the tea culture in Hangzhou promote each other.

4、Hangzhou Silk Culture

Generally regarded as the cradle of Chinese silk culture and production, the capital of Zhejiang Province has played a pivotal role in the history and development of this highly prized material. Hangzhou silk is famous for its soft texture, shiny color, and fine, smooth feel. And now modern silk manufacturing and embroidery are shedding new light on the ancient craft. One thread at a time, these silk products serve to bridge not only China's past with the present but also the East and the West.