ISTMA World 2023---Technology Summit

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The 16th ISTMA World Conference -- Bringing together the Global Die, Mould and Tooling Industries
Unit 2: Technology Leadership
1.   New technology of high quality materials for cavity die & mould
2.  Advanced die & mould forming process and integration, intelligent production process
3.  The application technology of 3D additive manufacturing in die & mould and large-scale personalized customization
4.  Big data processing and quality control and testing
5.  Automation, intelligent, virtualized modern manufacturing plant for die & mould
6.  CAD/ CAM / CAE intelligent design
7.  ERP/ MES and other life cycle management technology, information system technology for die and mould
8.  Supply chain management and customer service system
9.  Industrial integration for Industry 4.0, and deep integration of a new generation of information technology with manufacturing industry for made in China 2025