Organization of ISTMA World 2020

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Organizing Committee:
Mr. Shen Changyu       Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
Mr. Bob Williamson      President of ISTMA
Executive Chairman:
Mr. Chang Shiping      Rotating president of CDMIA
                                    Actual controller / Chairman of development strategy 
                                    Tianjin Motor Dies Company Limited
Mr. Wu Bingshu           Board Member of ISTMA
                                                 Honorary President of CDMIA
Vice Chairman:
Mr. Huang Fusheng    Rotating president of CDMIA
 Director / Executive Vice President
                                    Shenzhen Silver Basis Technology Co., Ltd
Mr. Chu Kexin             Honorary President of CDMIA 
Ms. Qin Ke                  Executive vice president / General Secretary of CDMIA
General Secretary:
Ms. Li Yuhua               Director of Interational Cooperation of CDMIA

Conference advising committee
Mr. Joaquim Menezes    Vice President of ISTMA (Portugal)
                                        President of ISTMA Europe 
Mr. Christian Dihlmann   Vice President of ISTMA (Brazil)
                                        President of Brazil National Die & Tooling Association
Mr. Markus Heseding      Board Member of ISTMA (Germany)
                                        Manager Director of VDMA
Mr. Manuel Oliveira         Secretary of ISTMA (Portugal)
                                        General Secretary of CEFAMOL
Mr. Li Jianjun                   Vice President of CDMIA
                                        Former Director / P
                                        State Key Laboratory of Die & Mould Tech,HUST     
Mr. Zhao Zhen                 Vice President of CDMIA
            Director/ Professor
            National Die & Mould CAD Engineering Research Center,                SJTU
Ms. Yu Xiuhui                  Vice President of CDMIA, General Manager of Shanghai
          Superior Die Technology Co., Ltd.
Mr.Zhou Zhifu                  Vice President of CDMIA, President of Kunshan Jiahua
                                        Electronics Co., Ltd.
Mr.Shi Liangcai                Vice President of CDMIA, President of Ningbo Heli Mould
                                        Technology Co., Ltd.
Mr. Zhang Jiamin             Vice President of CDMIA, General Manager of Zhejiang
                                         Jiaren Mould Co., Ltd.
Mr. Liu Chuntai                Vice Director of Plastic Mould Committee (CDMIA)
                   Executive director National Plastic & Rubber Mould
                                         Engineering Research Center, ZZU