The International Special Tooling & Machining Association (ISTMA) is an international association representing 22 Special Tooling and Machining Associations throughout the world. Collectively, ISTMA member associations represent over 8,000 companies and over 70 billion U.S. dollars in annual sales. China Die & Mould Industry Association (CDMIA) was founded in October 1984. CDMIA is a social organization which was approved and registered by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, PRC. CDMIA has 1,500 direct group members and 15 professional committees, expert committees and advisory committees.

Since the establishment of ISTMA at 1973,the 16th ISTMA World Conference will for the first time be held in China. This is an authoritative conference and industry summit for global die, mould and tooling industries. The conference will focus on the new development of the global market of die, mould and tooling supply chain. This conference is also a comprehensive demonstration of the achievements of die, mould and tooling technological research and the application. It will be a grand international exchange conference of key elements of tooling industry, such as die and mould manufacturing, material application, and technology and equipment. It is also an important activity to demonstrate global tooling industry supporting the development of manufacturing industry.

Connectivity,Innovation,Complementation,Mutual Benefit 

The conference will lead die, mould and tooling enterprises to improve R&D capability of core technology, improve the quality and service of products, and promote the

development of industrial cluster zones. The conference will focus on discussing the direction of die ,mould and tooling enterprises in this transformative era, the way to lead the industry, and the strategy to work toward mutual benefit on a global scale.

The conference will contain a large number of topics, such as the connectivity of big data processing and application, Internet of Things and information exchange, advanced manufacturing and industrial chain integration, and platform establishment and personnel training. The data flow based on advanced manufacturing process and design promotes advanced manufacturing technology platform. The advanced tooling digitalization manufacturing trend and advanced process and technology based on the measuring and testing technology and quality control, matching for the environment, and equipment maintenance and management are becoming the extension value of the development of tooling industry. Focus on the connectivity of markets, industries and connections.

Responding to the changing technological sphere, IT industry, intelligent manufacturing, new energy, new materials being the representatives, tooling industry is also exploring new territories and modes of development. The upstream and downstream enterprises in the integrated industrial chain build a collaborative environment and cooperate cross-domains and cross-regions. The application of new materials and new technologies in die and mould manufacturing undoubtedly impulse new vigor into the global development of manufacturing industry, and the pursuit of accurate and efficient manufacturing and production mode optimization will become the main thread of tooling industry development. The conference will promote the transformation and development of tooling industry and relevant industries in the world, with emphasis on innovation in technology, management and mechanism.

Senior and well-renowned experts in the tooling industry will comprehensively analyze the development trends of the world tooling industry and its latest market development and transformation trends, the international precision manufacturing and market demands, as well as the existing problems, interpret the changes in the development pattern of the world manufacturing industry, and explore ways to adapt to the new formats and develop new ideas. The conference will actively expand the upstream and downstream connectivity, extensive exchanges and cooperation, collaborative manufacturing, and build an international cooperation platform. The conference will promote the cooperation and complementary advantages of tooling industry market and related markets in various countries and also promote international capacity cooperation, and the latest achievements include the development trends and training experience of tooling industry talents, the trend of tooling market and the key elements of tooling industry chain. To promote the mutually complementation on resources, advantages and trade.

Mutual Benefit
The conference will provide opportunities to build an international platform for international tooling manufacturing technology exchange, market connectivity and economic and trade cooperation, to deepen understanding and mutual trust, to explore opportunities and ways of cooperation, to enhance mutually beneficial cooperation, to work together to promote product quality improvement and value chain extension of the tooling industry, and to promote the development of tooling enterprises all over the world! To promote global cooperation, and achieve mutually complementation and win-win.

Conference Date and Location
2023  National Exhibition & Convention Center (Shanghai)

World Conference Schedule(Postponed to 2023)

Registration : ISTMA General Assembly Meeting 2023 (ISTMA Members only)

Day1 Opening ceremony of DMC2023  Opening ceremony of the 16th ISTMA World Conference

Day2 ISTMA World Conference - Technology Leadership   ISTMA World Conference - Personnel Development

Day3 B2B Meetings and International delegation visit of DMC2023

Day4 Technical industry visit (Shanghai line,Jiangsul ine,Zhejiang & Hang zhou line)